Santa Cruz Support

Priority servicing

Buy a Santa Cruz or Juliana from us and you get priority servicing including VPP bearing replacement while you wait. As number one dealer in Scotland and as a Top 5 UK dealer, our close friendship with Santa Cruz UK means we are set up to help all our Santa Cruz riders as quickly as possible.  

Parts & upgrades

If you are buying any Santa Cruz package but wish to change certain individual parts then please let us know. We may be able to change items such as brakes and even forks to different models at potentially no extra cost.

Legendary warranty

Only by buying a Santa Cruz or Juliana from a UK authorised dealer do you get access to the brands’ legendary warranty service. Please check the UK’s Santa Cruz website for an up-to-date listing. To save any hassle and get the UK’s best aftercare service, buy it from us! Every Santa Cruz frame has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect, a lifetime crash replacement (replacement cost of part or whole of the frame is massively reduced) Lifetime VPP bearing replacement. It’s worth changing the 8 VPP bearings once a year, they are free and we charge one hour labour to fit them in as part of our priority servicing.