Workshop Servicing


Regular servicing greatly extends the life of your bicycle and we recommend our standard service twice a year for regular recreational cyclists.   Turnaround time is usually between one and three weeks and we take great care to ensure high standards of work.

We will contact you immediately the bike is ready and inform of any potential problems.   Bikes purchased from us receive free lifetime safety checks, which goes a long way in preventing servicing costs (original owner only).


Basic Service

Our basic service charge is £50.00 (£30.00 if bike purchased from us). This service includes adjustment of gears, brakes, steering and tyres.  Emphasis is on safety and basic function and if necessary cables/brake pads/tyres etc can be fitted during this service.


Standard Service

The standard service charge is £80.00 (£60.00 if bike purchased from us). This service includes all of the basic service checks but with all bearings adjusted, greased and wheels trued. This service is recommended for most every six months.


Total Service

A total service costs £110.00 (£90.00 if bike purchased from us). The total service  Includes all previous levels but with complete strip down and preventative work (may include brake bleeding, frame bearing replacements etc).

Please note bikes should arrive clean and we cannot store bikes for more than two weeks from service completion.
For more details on servicing or repairs or a free estimate don’t hesitate to contact Richard or James.