Demo Bikes

We currently have the following demo bikes available:

Santa Cruz 5010 S
Santa Cruz 5010 M
Santa Cruz Bronson S
Santa Cruz Bronson M
Santa Cruz Bronson L
Santa Cruz Nomad L
Santa Cruz Nomad XL
Santa Cruz Tallboy L
Santa Cruz Tallboy XL
Santa Cruz Hightower M
Santa Cruz Hightower L
Santa Cruz Hightower XL
Santa Cruz Hightower XXL
Santa Cruz Megatower M
Santa Cruz Megatower L
Santa Cruz Megatower XL
Santa Cruz Megatower XXL

Juliana Furtado XS
Juliana Furtado S
Juliana Furtado M
Juliana Joplin S
Juliana Maverick S
Juliana Roubion S
Juliana Roubion M

Kona Process 153 S
Kona Process 153 M
Kona Process 153 L
Kona Process 153 XL
Kona Process 134 L

Photo ID and a £250 security deposit/insurance excess is required to demo any number of bikes we have for demo within a day, allowing you to compare various models.  The charge is £80 which is refunded and topped up to £100 against any order placed within 6 months.

The above list is subject to change through the year so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Look out for our big demo days in April and September when all the brands visit with the latest kit, in the meantime, every day is demo day at Cyclehighlands!